Turning around a business in 90 degrees.

info Nov 12, 2021
This Digital Space

Look, I am Director, and in my head, this digital space started in 4:3; I complained about changing to 16:9 and then loved letterboxing everything I did. I am 62, but recently I was in a room of Gen Z's, some of the brightest sparks in this country, working on an innovative and groundbreaking project. I was there to help elevate their creativity and storytelling.

I asked them to storyboard a project we had devised for them. Every Frame was in Landscape. I was the only and oldest person in the room to suggest portrait was the way to go. The problem is everyone wants to be a movie director. Reaching an audience isn't their priority. But turn your phone through 90 degrees, and your business may reach its intended audience.

Why It Can Work

Working in This Digital Space means we seldom make things to satisfy our own creative needs as viewers. I wouldn't sit down and watch half the shows I make. My personal interests are niche; they sit at the UK's .5 to 2m audience mark. My Job is to Produce or Create shows that attract large audiences of 5 to 6m. My point is that if you are in business, you look at trends, you create your customer Avatar, everything you do needs to speak to that person. If you are selling fashion jeans, today you don't make the Nick Kamen advert with its slick cinematic look; you make portrait TikTok videos because your avatar fits that market. If you want high-end blue-chip companies to believe and invest in your new green city, you make a very expensive letterbox explainer for LinkedIn and TV around the news slot. If you want to attract a young, vibrant population to your new city, you make as much social noise as you can.

How To Do It

Working in Landscape is tough; there's not enough "space" around the subject, and landscapes tend to feature a lot of sky, a lot of grass and a tiny subject. But there are enough examples all over this digital space to see what works and what doesn't. The key is to know your avatar, your audience. To understand what they are consuming from social media. Technically leave space in the Frame for stickers. Ues interactivity with polls and comments. And don't forget the link sticker; now, you can link to any external website from an Instagram story without restrictions. The key to any media is the content; we will suffer dodgy camera work if the content is compelling and engaging. Regular posting of content rather than weeks of crafting one masterpiece is also a good piece of advice. I mean, have you got bored of the John Lewis Advert already?

4 Reasons Why It May Work for You

So four reasons why you should consider working in Landscape and turning your company marketing through 90 degrees!
1) It allows you to revisit your customer avatar. Best points of contact with our customers change so rapidly. Is your customer Avatar still glued to social media? Are they using TikTok? Is that a source of a new customer base? Can you develop new income streams? Id it only TikTok? What about all the other landscape formats Insta Stories, Youtube Shorts? Is social Media still the place to concentrate those precious ad dollars and pounds?
2) The landscape lines of communication with your customer base are "down and dirty". They are by their very nature very mobile friendly immediate, and of course cost-effective to implement. Is there an ROI? Can you get conversions?
3) Remember the golden rule, "if it ain't broke, then add to it" or "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, just find another baby to bath". In other words, if your current strategy is working, then add to it. If your current plan isn't working, add to it and treat it as an AB test.
4) Remember the other words that always ring true; we want different, but it has to be different and good!
Play and experiment; if it doesn't work, you have still learned something. It may have helped your creativity in traditional shooting or videos, "A change is as good as a rest" yep, I know enough of the cliches, just about to see what Grammarly makes of them!

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